HOW DO I ...


How do I get started?
Go to:
Click:   New Agent .  Fill out the form. Choose your own password. Submit.
Congratulations! You are now ready to register your transactions on line. (click here)       

How do I register a New Listing?   
Go to:
Click:   New Listing (click here). The opening page lists the documents to fax to us.
Click:   Register your Listing. Fill out the form and submit.
Fax:     Your contracts and supporting documents to your REMERGE Coordinator.

What do I do when a Listing Sells?
Go to:
Click:   Listing/Sold. The opening page lists the documents to fax to us.
Click:   Register your Listing Sold.
Click:   Click on the property address. Fill out the form and submit.
Fax:     Your contracts and supporting documents to your REMERGE Coordinator

How do I register a New Sale?        
Go to:
Click:   New Sale (click here).  The opening page lists the documents to fax to us.
Click:   Register your Sale. Fill out the form and submit.
Fax:     Your contracts and supporting documents to your REMERGE Coordinator.

How do I know if you received my new file on line?        
You receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your New Listing, Listing Sold or New Sale,. You can immediately go to "Check My Files".     


Will I have one or more Coordinators?
You are assigned a REMERGE Coordinator who will manage all your transactions.  A staff coordinator may temporarily fill in if your Coordinator is off for more than 1 day. Your transactions are always professionally managed.    

How do I contact my coordinator?
On registration, you receive an e-mail with your assigned REMERGE Coordinator’s contact information: phone number, computer fax line and e-mail address.     
Click: "Message to Coordinator" to e-mail your coordinator directly from your web site file.


Are my files confidential and secure?
YES! Only your personally selected password can access your web site files.  The Buyer, Seller, Vendors and Affiliates are assigned passwords that can only access the portions of the file that apply to them.

How do I know what's going on with my transaction?
It's so easy to keep current with all your business with REMERGE Transaction Coordinators!
Go to:
Click:  "Check My Files" and enter your password in the Agent Password box.

What information can I access on my on-line files?
Names, phone and fax numbers, e-mails, addresses, dated notes of escrow, lender and title actions taken, fee schedule, follow up actions on the disclosure paper trail, inspections and reports, document checklist, general notes, and more. Your web site file is a great reference that never gets lost.

How often is my file information updated?
When your REMERGE Coordinator enters information to your transaction, the web site file is updated simultaneously. Your web site files are always current, to the moment.

Can I see my documents on-line?
Documents are not uploaded for viewing on-line.  Scanning and accessing scanned files take up too much band width that slows down the operation of all the software. You can check to see if and when your REMERGE Coordinator received the document. If you need to see it again, contact your REMERGE Coordinator. She will e-mail or fax it to you.

Can I preview a sample file?
Please do!  Our work is an open book.
Go to:
Click:   Sample File
Click:   GO to the file you want to review.

Can my Client or the Co-op agent view the transaction file on-line?
YES! The REMERGE Transaction Coordinators introductory letter to your clients and the co-op Agent gives them an assigned password and instructions on how to access their transaction. Your clients love this feature.
Go to:
Click:   "Check My Files"
Enter:  their password in either the Sellers, Buyers or Co-op Agent box
Click:   GO

Can my Clients access their Client report from MY web site?
YES! and we highly recommend it! Did yo uknow that Buyers and Sellers check their file on-line 3-5 times per week during escrow? All that web traffic can be yours! Putting a "Check My Files" button on YOUR web site leads to a Buyers and Sellers only password page. Their password accesses the Client Report directly.  To get the link, contact Charles at Tech Support:

For how long after close of escrow can I access my files?
Your web site transactions remain on-line after the close of escrow as your cumulative record. Likewise, are those of the Clients and Co-op Agent. This is invaluable information at your fingertips.


How can I keep on track of my transaction?
The REMERGE automated system releases a series of e-mails that confirms the stage of the process for each of your transaction. It also releases e-mail alerts 2 days prior to important contractual time lines for which you may need to prepare yourself or your client, ie. Removal of Contingencies and Verification of Condition. Invaluable!

How do I know my Broker File will be compliant with D.R.E., C.A.R. and my office?  
It is our job to be current with all basic D.R.E. and C.A.R. file requirements.  If your office has specific disclosures, submit a blank copy of additional office or local disclosures and we'll incorporate them into all files we do for your office.  The best way to assure compliance is to respond promptly to all REMERGE Coordinators requests.

What is in my final Broker File?    
The final Broker Transaction File is assembled in the following order:
Listing and Purchase Contracts and Addenda
Escrow and Title
Inspection Reports, Certifications and Permits
Letters and Faxes
The final Transaction File is submitted directly to your Broker or Office Administrator by mail or messenger service at the close of escrow.

Is REMERGE insured?
YES! REMERGE carries E&O insurance of $1Million to cover our involvement in every transaction. The Agent needs to have their own E&O insurance to cover their liability in the transaction.


What are the REMERGE Transaction Coordinators fees?
The REMERGE Basic Service is a flat fee of $350. Included in this fee are: Full Service Transaction Coordination from the Point of Listing or the Point of Sale through the close of escrow, a complete set of always current C.A.R. WinForms disclosure documents, Earthquake Hazard Booklet, electronicly archived copy of the complete transaction file, one final Broker Transaction File in paper or CD format, regular mail and messenger service, where possible. Please review the complete fee schedule. Click: Fees

How does REMERGE collect its fee?
REMERGE invoices escrow, per your instructions, at the opening of a transaction and received payment directly from escrow. Please note that the ordering Agent is responsible for the fee in th event that their client declines to pay it.

Is there a cancellation fee if a Listing does not Sell?
NO! There is no cancellation fee for a listing that never goes into escrow. We do count on you to notify your REMERGE Coordinator so that she can cancel the reports that were ordered for your listing.

How do I order a duplicate file for my records?   
When you open a listing or sale file on line, you can order a duplicate paper or CD file for yourself or for your Client for only $50 each. Before you click submit, request a duplicate Agent and/or Client file in the inquiry box. The Buyers and Sellers have an Duplicate File Order Form in their disclosure package.

What if my Broker or I lose our file?
When a file is complete or cancelled file, it is scanned and archived to our master server. It can be reproduced on paper or CD per your request. Your REMERGE file is never lost. The fee to recall an archived file is $100.


What is REMERGE Plus?  
REMERGE Plus is a Mentoring program for Agents and Loan Officers who are new to real estate and need help understanding the disclosures and procedures involved in the real estate transaction.  We coach them through the first several transactions until they become quite professional.  Because we spend additional time with these clients, there is an additional $150 per transaction until they can move up to REMERGE Transaction Coordinators Basic.  

What is the REMERGE Document Review program?
Need training in Contracts? This is a full day seminar conducted by Shelly Gorenstein, that reviews all the documents of the listing, sale and disclosures. The real estate process is also illuminated. There is a minimum requirement of 10 Agents to a class. Contact Shelly for more information.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Call Shelly Gorenstein, Director toll free at 1-(877) 473-6374 or 949-502-4858
or e-mail us at