It is the policy of REMERGE Transaction Coordinators to protect and maintain the privacy of all participants in a real estate transaction. As such, no information regarding the real estate transaction or the participants is shared or sold to any third parties.

As part of its duty, REMERGE Transaction Coordinators orders and appropriately invoices mandatory reports and services that are required for the listing and sale of a property and communicates with all parties, as needed, on behalf of the Listing Agent, the Buyer Agent, the Seller and the Buyer.   In doing so REMERGE Transaction Coordinators  provides some private information of the Seller  and/or Buyer to service vendors who are named contractually or otherwise designated by the Agent(s), Seller or Buyer as being involved in the real estate transaction. REMERGE Transaction Coordinators does not release private information of the Agent(s), Seller or Buyer to any other persons or companies without prior consent from that party.